For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Can you fix this?

Answer: In most cases yes. We have some of the latest technology on site which allows us to weld most metals that frames are made of. We are also skilled in devising unique repair solutions for most frames. In any case, it is at least worth a trip.

Do you take insurance?

Answer: No, we do not.

We have found that many insurance companies limit the patient’s choices and, in some cases, the quality of frames and lenses that the patient is able to receive.

We recommend that patients check with their insurance companies as some will make an out of network reimbursement. We are happy to fill out any paper work necessary and work with both the patient and the insurance company.

Can I use my current frame?

Answer: Yes you can. We cut the majority of our lenses on site, which means we can use your favorite frame, and it will never leave our shop.

What if it is rimless?

Answer: Yes, even rimless. We can use your current shape or even design a new one perfect for you.

Can you replace my non-prescription sunglasses lenses?

Answer: Yes we can and, in most cases, we can upgrade you to better quality lenses. We do custom tints, mirrors and polarized lenses.



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